17 Driftwood decors to give a rustic look to your home

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I was really enticed when I saw a driftwood decor with  plants at my grandfather’s home and he had made this decor all by himself. He explained to me how he made this awesome driftwood decor, which will give a rustic look to home.

A driftwood decor is long lasting, your friends and neighbors will definitely admire your creativity. This is totally inexpensive and easy to make by yourself. This is an ideal do it yourself for this holiday season.

Driftwood decor with succulents

Image [ Via: Houzz, Make a beautiful and long-lasting driftwood decor ]

Here I will give you a brief description about how to make a driftwood decor with plants.

Lets start:

Materials Required:

  • Driftwood piece, get it from nearest beach or you can buy it from home decor stores or from online shops. Choose the one which gives a rugged look with lots of curves and grooves in it, where the plants can be properly planted.
  • Choose the plants you would like to plant in your driftwood planter. Ideal choices are succulents or air plants.
  • Sphagnum moss is required to fill the groves of wood.
  • Glue, electric drill and drill bits, to drill holes on the driftwood to plant succulents or tillandsias (air plants).

How to begin:

Collect the driftwood piece. If you have collected it from nearest beach or river side, clean it properly and keep it in bright sunlight for 3-4 days. If you got it from decor stores then we can right away start preparing the planter. Use the electric drill with correct size drill bits ( 2-3 inch) and make required number of holes on the driftwood piece.

Plant the chosen succulents on these holes with correct potting soil. If you are planting tillandsias, then attach that to the log piece. Use sphagnum moss to fill the void spaces. Floral glue can be used to attach these mosses to the wood properly. Provide enough water to the soil using a water sprayer so that your plants start their growth in the potting soil inside the driftwood.

Here is a very detailed DIY from Cassidy of Succulents and sunshine on : Driftwood planter filled with succulents.

Some driftwood decor ideas using plants and moss are given below, which you can try at your home.

1. Table Top driftwood decors

Its acts as an awesome decor on top of your study table or on your living room tea table. You can also see this wonderful decor in many events especially weddings, where they use this as a table top decor.

Driftwood planter with succulents

Table top decor using driftwood planters


If you would like to try this DIY driftwood decor during this fall season, then its the right choice . Also check out our 21 Green christmas decors using mosses, drift wood , pine cone etc.


Rustic log planter with air plants

Image [ Via : shop.pistilsnursery.com ]

2. Wall Mount driftwood decors

Ideal place for this decor is on the wall, especially living room. The decor will give an amazing contrast with your wall, if you keep this decor on a light colored wall. Green plants, driftwood  and light colored walls give an eye capturing feel due to its contrast.

Wall mount woods with plants

It gives a truly rustic look on your outdoor wall as well. If the wall is also made of wood, then definitely its a must try decor for the wall.

Driftwood decor ideas with air plants


Wall mount wooden planter

Image [ Via : shop.pistilsnursery.com ]

Wall mount decor with driftwood

3. Hanging driftwood decors

This decor when hung from the ceiling or from a clamp fixed on the wall will give you an everlasting charm. Air plants are ideal choice for these decors. Sphagnum moss are a must to keep the moisture and fixing it on the wood.

Driftwood for hanging garden

Image [ Via : shopterrain.com ]

Hanging planter using driftwoods

4. Outdoor driftwood decors

Lets decorate the patio tea table using this decor, I am damn sure these decor filled up with plants will give extra ambiance to your patio for a relaxing evening.

Tabletop decor using wooden logs and succulents driftwood planters Heart shaped driftwood with greenery

These driftwood decors can be used to decorate indoor as well as outdoor spaces of your home. Let us know which driftwood decor inspired you the most and if you have this decor in your home do share your experience.

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