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Lets have a floating bonsai to decorate home

Bonsai is an art of growing miniature trees in a small container. It is an awesome idea to make use of bonsai as a home decor. Lets be creative, how about a levitating bonsai in air??? This innovative idea was a kick start project by a Japanese startup Hoshinchu. This project got backing of more than 2000+ enthusiasts all around the world and was able to raise more than half a million dollars. They are planning to ship the final product in August 2016.

Bonsai needs special care and it require extensive pruning, wiring and styling to achieve desired shape and size. Here you will get tips about Bonsai tree care – 8 tips for beginners .

air bonsai- hovering-gif

This project uses a very simple principle of physics to hover the bonsai plant from its base container.

Air Bonsai works on the principle of like magnetic poles repel each other.

This product has two portions – “the little star” and “the energy base“. The little star is your bonsai tree, you can choose from your favourite tree to make a fine and delightful miniature bonsai tree like pines. These little stars are called air bonsais. You can also have a kokedama moss ball with your favourite garden plants as the little star. There are two major transplanting medium used for this airbonsai – moss and lava.

Floating bonsai gif

The little star has a built in magnet and its similar pole is situated inside the energy base. Energy base is powered by AC to create magnetic poles. To cater easy planting of your bonsai, the little star has a sponge of moss. This little star can float up to 2cm from the energy base. It weighs about 250gms and is about 6cm in diameter. It needs to be watered from time to time.

Air bonsai from Hoshinchu

The energy base has a rotating mechanism with a built in magnet. The white porcelain vase is made of Japanese traditional pottery, known as “Imari” . This is a very ancient form of pottery used to make porcelain vases in a Japanese town called Arita.

The image shown below shows various components of an air bonsai.

air bonsai components

Image [ Via – Airbonsai Create your Little Star from Kickstarter ]

floating bonsai plants

The Handmade version:

They have a very unique hand made version crafted by dedicated artisans. It takes almost 3 months to craft one single energy base. There are 4 designs of energy base to choose from. “Shiro-tsubaki”, ” Suzu-mushi”, “Kona-yuki” and “Karo”.

Porcelain pots

Once the desired shape is achieved, it is air dried and then to make it more stronger, they use a controlled temperature kiln. A special type of Japanese hand brush called “Fu-de” is used to draw creative figures on it and is then coated with natural colours and patterns.

porcelain pots

Small garden ideas offers special congratulations to the producer Hikaru Hoshi and the creator Masanori Imayoshi of this creative decorative piece. All rights of images and details are reserved to the Hoshinchu Team. The prototype is ready now and they are working very hard to have the actual product ready by August 2016. You can also customise this product with various add-ons.

Kyushu, a small island in Japan is the originating place of this idea. This island is known for its “rich in nature” beauty. This product has a zen nature and it can be used to create a zen environment inside your home.

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