21 Green Christmas decoration ideas with mosses

This year Christmas is approaching very fast, and during this holiday season lets decorate our homes with some greenery. Here you will get 21 awesome green Christmas decorations for this Christmas, using mosses. This is the best way to bring nature inside your home during Christmas.

These decoration inspirations are really simple and easy to do it for yourselves. All the materials required are easily available in local Xmas decor stores or you can purchase them online as well.

1. Table top decor with mosses and candles:

This idea helps you to decorate your dining table for Christmas get-together. I am damn sure these decor will definitely entice your friends and family members. Get the container which you would like to place your candle, fill it with some clay and water it a bit so that it gets hardened. Then plant some moss on top of it. You are all set to place your candle on top this!!!

Xmas decor with candle and moss

Candle decor for xmas with moss

Candle decor for xmas with moss- 2

The below idea is a Scandinavian Christmas decor on drift wooden log piece with moss, pine cones and candle.

Spanish moss decor with candle

The inspiration shown below uses pine cones that gives a rustic look for your decor. The attractive containers used makes this decor even more beautiful.
Candle decor for xmas with moss-3

Table decor with moss and pine seed

The below inspiration uses succulents as an eye catcher for your Xmas decor. The metallic container and pine cones, the roses and stars adds extra beauty to this.

scandinavian xmas decor with moss

The below decor uses scented candles and a sheet of moss, so that it can be placed on the table. Twigs covered with mosses  and pine cones sets apart this decor from others.

table decor with moss

Image [ Via: lebenslustiger.com ]

Christmas decor with candles and moss

Here is a table top glass terrarium used to hold moss and candles. It can be an awesome decor for your dining table for your Christmas dinner.

terrarium with moss for xmas

2. Christmas wreaths using mosses

Wreath is a very common decor for Christmas. Lets think about how can we make moss wreath this Christmas. Find a right place for hanging this wreath as well. Best locations are from doors and windows.

christmas wreath with moss diy

Image [ Via : How to make Christmas moss wreath from HGTV ]

xmas wreath with moss

Image [ Via : DIY moss christmas wreath  from unskinny boppy ]

hanging wreath decor for xmas

3. Bulbs and mosses

An awesome idea for green Christmas decorations is using forcing bulbs of hyacinth or tulips in a container, with moss used as a decorating stuff. Makes an excellent green decor for Christmas.

xmas table decor with moss

In the picture below, the flower bulbs are made to grow in a moss ball, decorated with sparkling strings and beads.

Forcing bulb for xmas decor

table decor with moss and hyacinth

Image [ Via : Forcing bulb from Gardenista ]

table decor with hyacinth

4. Moss Christmas tree

These inspirations will help you to make Christmas tree using mosses. It can be a big or small tree depending on availability of space and quality of moss available. Small trees can be used as table top decors whereas big ones can be used to decorate your patio.

xmas tree with moss

xmas tree with moss

chrismass tree with moss
moss tree for christmas

Are you amazed by these awesome decors ? Do let us know if these green Christmas decorations ideas inspired to decorate your home.

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