21 Hanging Glass Terrarium Ideas

Are you a gardening enthusiast and looking for inspirations to decorate your home? Then show your creativity by making a hanging glass terrarium garden.

I was really intrigued at the beauty of this particular decor, when I saw it at my friend’s beach wedding reception. There they used it to decorate the reception venue. I really wanted to try out those hanging glass terrariums as a home decor. Then I started searching the internet about various ideas to implement these. Here I have listed 21 inspirations, to decorate your home and at the same time pursue your gardening hobby. If you would like to know how to make an orchid terrarium in 5 minutes with a step by step guide and 18 HD photo inspirations.


Materials Required:

  1. Glass globe, which is your planter.You can buy glass globes available on various online stores, or if you are creative enough then you can use some of your old glass jar, bulb etc.
  2. Rocks, pebbles and sand.
  3. Well drained potting soil.
  4. Activated charcoal.
  5. Plants to be planted in your terrarium; it can be succulents, air-plants or mosses.
  6. Rope or metallic clamp to hang your terrarium or metallic stand.
  7. Fairy decors.
  8. Water sprayer or mister.

All these materials can be purchased from local nursery, hardware store or some can be purchased from online stores.

Lets start:

Get all the required materials. Decide the location where you wanted to keep this hanging terrarium garden. It could be your living room or bedroom, or you can place it on your study table also. Fix  the clamp on the wall or arrange the stand on your study table to hang the globe. First, fill the glass globe with some rocks, and before that make sure the globe has some drainage holes.Fill activated charcoal as second layer and on top of that, plant mosses to cover those rocks and pebbles.

Decide which plant to be planted on this terrarium. If you are going to plant air-plants, then there is no need of potting soil. Also air-plants require very less maintenance. But if you are going to plant succulents or other small plants, then you need to fill up your modern terrarium with potting soil. And remember, it needs to be watered regularly.

And finally, add those decorative  fairy decors. You can hang your glass terrarium on the clamp you have fixed earlier on the wall or on the stand which you placed on your study table. You are DONE: :D :D :D

Lets take a look at those 21 hanging glass terrarium photo inspirations:


hanging_glass_terrarium_27 image credit: etsy



hanging_glass_terrarium_img5 image source:
hanging_glass_terrarium_img6 hanging_glass_terrarium_img8 image link:
hanging_glass_terrarium_img9 hanging_glass_terrarium_img11 Complete diy here
hanging_glass_terrarium_img12 image here
hanging_glass_terrarium_img13hanging_glass_terrarium_img14hanging_glass_terrarium_img17hanging_glass_terrarium_img18hanging_glass_terrarium_img19hanging_glass_terrarium_img20 image source:
hanging_glass_terrarium_img21 image credit:
hanging_glass_terrarium_img24 hanging_glass_terrarium_img25

Plants for hanging glass terrarium:

Mostly succulents and air plants are used in hanging glass terrariums; sometimes along with moss for decoration.


Succulents are referred to as those plants that store water in their leaves. Hence they have fleshy leaves. These group of plants do need water for their survival; but they can live for extended periods without water, by using the water stored in their leaves. That is precisely the reason for using succulents in hanging glass terrariums; so that you don’t need frequent watering. The amount of water required vary for different varieties, but in general succulents require less water compared to other plants. Also, succulents are aesthetically good and thus adds beauty to your glass terrarium.

Air Plants:

Air plants, as the name suggests, can grow and thrive without soil. Their specialized leaves absorb required amount of water and other nutrients from atmosphere and thus they are easy to care for. Roots of these plants merely serves as an anchoring device. They may need water occasionally, and you can provide that by soaking them in water for some time. Also, air plants need lots of air around them. A hanging glass terrarium fulfils these requirements and hence air plants are commonly used for this wonderful decor.

Have you tried any of these inspirations?? Let us know your comments and suggestions in comment box below.

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