Modern hydroponics systems for kitchen garden

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using nutrient solution without any soil. This technology will address many problems in the conventional methods, like depleting soil and water and lack of sufficient land area. Lets take a deep dive into some of readily available commercial hydroponics systems that will help you to start your kitchen garden.

Indoor hydroponics systems for small garden

Here is a list of 9 commercial hydroponics systems that we recommend.


This tiny hydroponics system helps to grow fresh herbs and vegetables with no pesticides, herbicides or GM seeds in your living room or kitchen space. It saves 70% water and grows 50% faster and also gives you better yield. This cute system can be mount on wall or placed on your window sill or on your dining or kitchen table. Its requires very less space and serves as a home decor as well.


Droponics Smart App

A smart app provided by Droponics Company, helps you to track the growth of plants and thus helps you to understand when to add nutrients and water. It also tests whether sufficient amount of sunlight is available that is required for proper growth of your herbs and veggies. Herbs like basil, mint, oregano, kale and parsley can be easily grown in this system.

Table top Droponics system

2. Niwa Hydroponic Grow Box

This was the kickstarter project of a San Francisco based team by Javier and Aga ( bio here ). They launched this initiative in May 2014 with the dream of growing fresh and organic herbs and veggies in very limited space. This system is also suitable for urban dwellers where space is very limited and no backyard to have a small garden. This project got support from more than 500 supporters and they raised nearly 150K USD for this project.

NIWA hydroponics Systems

Niwa is the world’s first smart phone controlled hydroponics growing system. The product is available for pre-order in their official website. This system includes sensors to control water level, nutrient concentration, air flow, light and temperature. Various presets are available for different herbs like basil mint and parsley, veggies like lettuce, cauliflower and peas and fruits like strawberries and tomatoes. App for iOS and Android makes the system more smarter to monitor your grow box remotely.

Two types are available for pre-order. Their standard at $319 USD and a premium version for $359 USD. Order one now at a discount and nothing will be charged until they ship.

3. Cube Green Farm Hydroponic Grow Box

This hydroponics system is from a Japanese company named U-ING. Cube green farm box helps you to grow greenery for your salad in very limited space. The system comes with timer controlled LED lighting system and water and nutrient flow system. This is an ideal box for indoor gardening in limited space. This unit costs 180USD and it is available in 3 colors ( white, red and green ).

U-ING Cube Green Farm Hydroponics System

The unit can be assembled and dismantled easily. So this small garden can be easily moved to a different place. It comes with nine holes, each can be assembled separately, to grow different herbs.

4. Root hydroponics grow box

This hydroponics grow box is from a startup company called Ohneka Farms. This is also a smart, space saving and easy to use indoor gardening box. It can grow upto 16 herbs, veggies or fruits at same time with no soil or chemicals. It uses LED lighting system, which produces light at a particular wavelength that stimulates growth.

Root Hydroponics System

Roots Hydroponics System in Kitchen

The app available with this system helps you to track your plants growth at regular intervals. App provides adequate data about supply of nutrients and water as and when necessary.

Root Hydroponics System by Ohneka Farms

The product is ready for pre-ordering in the official website

5. The Nutri Tower

The Nutri Tower uses hydroponics to grow plants indoor without soil with very minimal upkeep. Its ideal for herbs, veggies and for some fruits as well. It uses a patented vertical lighting system. This technology allows to grow enough food for a small family throughout the year.

Nutri Tower Hydroponics System

It takes only 2 sqft of floor space and have 48 pots to plant your herbs, which makes it the most efficient indoor growing system available in market now. The product can be customised according to your need and available space and time.

Nutritower for kids

Educating children about growing plants is one of the vision of the company, so they donate 1 Nutri tower to a school for every 50 unit sold.

6. The Green Wheel

The Green Wheel is a hydroponics system developed by a Milan based company, DesignLibero. They are pioneers in interior design , architecture graphics and product design. The Green Wheel is inspired by NASA’s  rotatory hydroponics system to grow fresh herbs and salad veggies for astronauts in space. NASA dropped this idea due to time and budget constraint. This awesome idea was picked up by product company DesignLibero to design The Green Wheel.

The Green Wheel by DesignLibero

The Green Wheel Hydroponics system

The products rotating wheel helps to get sufficient light for growth uniformly, since all plants are arranged on the inner circumference of the wheel. Its gravity helps to optimize the production of herbs and vegetables. The outer case cover the pump, reservoir of nutrient solution and the control system. This smart device can be controlled remotely using your smart phones.

7. Plantui Smart Garden

This hydroponics system is created by a Finland based company, Plantui.  Plantui Smart Gardens automatically adjusts the light and watering schedule according to the growth phase of the plants.

Plantui 6 Product Image

The product is available in 3 models, Plantui 6 Smart Garden, Plantui 3 Smart Garden and Plantui Moomin Garden 3. It takes 4 weeks to grow from seed to salad.

Plantui Hyroponics systems

8. Urban Cultivator

The Urban Cultivator is a hydroponics system from a Canadian company. This high-tech indoor garden can grow wide range of greenery from basil to wheatgrass. This product is available in various sizes for residential and commercial uses. It looks like a refrigerator in your kitchen and it is also a smart  system with automated water and nutrient supply.

Urban Cultivator Hydroponics system for Kitchen

9.Sprouts hydroponics system

This indoor hydroponics gardening system is developed by Cambridge based company, SproutsIO. The product uses a hybrid hydroculture system, which is a combination of hydroponics and aeroponics. This smart product also senses the need for light, water and nutrients and provides those to the plants as and when required.

SproutIO grow box for kitchen

SproutIO Hydroponics System

All rights of images and product description are reserved to respective companies. Small garden ideas is really proud to feature these modern indoor gardening systems which helps to grow food inside your home.

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