21 Decorative indoor herb garden ideas

Are u planning to decorate your kitchen with a small indoor herb garden? Lets start making an indoor herb garden to grow herbs like basil, mint, oregano, dill or thyme. These 21 indoor herb garden ideas will help you to get inspiration to start a small herb garden and at the same time it adds decoration to your home.

Let me classify these herb garden ideas into 4 categories.

  • Vertical herb garden.
  • Hanging herb garden.
  • Window sill herb garden.
  • Kitchen herb garden.

This classification is based on the location of your garden. So choose the right herb based on the location you choose, so that you can maximize the harvest. For urban dwellers gardening outside is always something which is far and distant dream. Small garden are best suited for those who stay in a very confined space, like small condominiums. Let take a look at some unique urban gardening ideas to start a small garden indoor. An infographics with detailed tips for gardening included.

1. Vertical herb garden.

Vertical garden is most suitable when you are limited by space. It helps you to grow more herbs in less space. You can arrange them in different tiers so that each tier can be used for particular type of herb, which will help to maintain it properly; at the same time each tier can be harvested separately.

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen?, then lets find some space for arranging these boxes on the kitchen wall. You can use it for planting herbs and once completely grown and ready to harvest, your can enjoy your salad using herbs grown in your kitchen.

Isn’t it awesome?


Vertical herb garden-ideas-img-19

Vertical herb garden-ideas-22

image source here

The below inspirations are from bob villa where they mount various wooden boxes on the wall and arrange drip irrigation pipes to water the herb garden.


Vertical herb garden-ideas-image-6

The inspiration shown below is from eBay, you can get these wooden and vertical wall mount planters. Best irrigation for this is drip irrigation and each tier can be used for planting different herbs.

Vertical herb garden-image-8

source ebay

Vertical herb garden-image-9

Vertical herb garden inspiration-image-11

image source here

Vertical herb garden-image-15

The raw materials for inspirations shown below can be bought from etsy. These are porcelain containers. It really adds decoration to your white wall, because white and green makes good contrast.


2. Hanging herb garden.

Another space saving inspiration for herb garden is to hang them such that different pots can be used for different herbs. Various decorative pots are available in online stores like etsy. These pots will add extra decoration to your garden.

The porcelain containers shown below are available in etsy. Like the above mentioned vertical wall mount container , these hanging container will also add elegance and beauty to your living room and at the same time it helps you to grow some useful herbs.

You can use cotton threads or leather strings for hanging this on wall or from the roof.

Hanging herb garden-image-16

Hanging herb garden-ideas-image-0

source etsy

Hanging herb garden inspiration-image-7

Herb garden hanging-image-1

Source: Floating garden: by Gabriella Asztalos Design Studio

These hanging metallic flower pots gives  a 3D effect because of its curved surface. It is an unexplored way of decorating your home with plants and flowers. It is unique, elegant and its aesthetics makes it a prefect choice for interior decoration.

According to designer Gabriella Asztolas,  the hanging metallic flower pots has both masculine and feminine features. :D

3.Window sill herb garden.

Most of the herbs need 6-8 hrs of sunlight for proper growth. Then windowsill is best place to have a herb garden because it can provide maximum sunlight. If you have east -west facing window, then its the best place.

It is good to change the location of herb garden based on the direction of sunlight for optimum growth of the herbs. In that case, windowsill garden is best choice.

Window sill herb garden-image-17

Window sill herb garden idea-image-18

If you would like to know how to set up this window sill herb garden, check out the complete diy from gardenista 

4.Kitchen herb garden.

It can be on the top of your kitchen slab or just utilize the space available in your kitchen. Thus find suitable space for your garden without affecting, normal operation.

The following inspiration is a creative usage of small garden and a small aquarium. It can be placed on your kitchen table top to add decoration.

Kitchen herb garden image-2

Kitchen herb garden-ideas-image-3

Kitchen herb garden-inspiration image-9

source apartmenttherapy


source : link

Kitchen herb garden-image-21

Source and complete DIY here.

Hope these 21 inspirations helps you to gain some motivation to start your small garden for herbs. Do let us know if you had tried any of this. and we are really eager to hear from u all.

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