27 Awesome indoor water garden inspirations

Let’s do fenghsui, interior decoration, aquarium and gardening at the same time.  Indoor water garden is the best solution for integrating 4 hobbies together. You have to be creative here by finding out the right plants, right container for this awesome decorative stuff.

Growing plants in water without soil is known as hydroponic gardening.

Some of our favorite plants that are suitable for indoor water gardening are:

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Ocean Spider Plant

Ocean Spider Plant

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Golden Devil's Ivy

Golden Devil's Ivy

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Siam Aurora Chinese Evergreen Plant

Siam Aurora Chinese Evergreen Plant

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Hirt's Peace Lily Plant

Hirt's Peace Lily Plant

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Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart Leaf Philodendron

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Tradescantia zebrina 'Wandering Jew Purple'

Tradescantia zebrina 'Wandering Jew Purple'

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One option is Aquaponic Gardening

Aquaponics is a symbiotic system which uses advantages of both hydroponics and aquaculture. Check out some of the amazing commercial aquaponics systems which make you self sustained for food.

Here is a cheat sheet infographic to start your indoor water garden:

indoor water garden infographics

Step by Step Guide:
  • First step is to choose the right container,

If you don’t want to spend too much on the container, then be creative here by getting a glass jar from your antique. Make sure u clean it throughly and decorative it to make it eye catching. Apothecary jars,  glass or ceramic cookware are best choice for this.

If you are ok to spend around 50-100$, then you will get nice and creative looking glass containers from online stores like etsy, amazon,eBay. Or it can be bought from your local garden center or garden nursery.

  • Second step is to choose the right plants which can be grown in water. You can choose either house plants or some indoor herb plants, which can be grown in water, but all plants are not aqua friendly.

Let me classify the water plants:

1. True aquatics

Plants which can be completely submerged in water like parrots feather or Anubias. These plants need soil or gravel at the bottom so that roots of plants can be fixed inside.

2. Semi aquatics

Plants which can be only partially submerged in water like umbrella palm or sweet flag.Their roots will be submerged in water and foliage will be on the surface of water.

3. Floaters

Best example for this category are very common water hyacinth and water lettuce. They add its beauty be floating and drifting in water.

Tips for indoor water garden:

  • Some plants need bright sunlight, atleast 4-6hrs, choose a location which is best for more light. Windowsill is best location for such plants.
  • Use fluorosent light instead of incandescent light, which lead to over heating of water and finally your plants will be dead.
  • Dont clean the container with detergent, presence of detergent in water will lead to death of you house plants in water, because it makes difficult for plant to breath.
  • Dont replace the water completely, because it leads to algae growth again, as once a algae cycle is over, it will not grow again. Use some decorative fish to get rid of algae.
  • Water evaporates from container over a period of time and it need to be replenished accordingly.
  • Use pebbles or tablets of fertilisers instead of normal outdoor fertilisers.
  • Use pieces of charcoal in water as it make water more clear and get rid of bad smell.


Let me list down some advantages that I have learned from my experience.

  1. Very Low maintanance. No need of regular watering.
  2. Pest and disease resistant.
  3. No dirt and messy stuffs inside your home.
  4. Very limited space required.
  5. Suitable for kids.

Lets take a look at these awesome photo inspirations to start you indoor water garden.

Forcing Bulbs in Glass Containers

Forcing Bulbs in Glass Containers ideas

Image source: [ gardenita.com ]

Indoor Water Garden Ideas with bulbs

Grow bulbs indoor

Try to be creative by growing bulbs ( hyacinths and Paperwhites ) indoor during this fall season.

Grow Indoor Water Garden bulb Ideas

Indoor Water Garden Inspiration

image courtesy:[ gardenista  ] And photo by Eriyn Boyle.

Lilly Pond garden in vase

Indoor water garden with Lilly

Image courtesy: [ Martha Stewart ]

Home decor Glass Jar indoor garden

Glass jar Indoor garden inspiration

Image courtesy here : [ Heimelig – Shop  ]

Water garden ideas for indoor

Image source etsy.com

home decor water garden Ideas

water garden inspirations from etsy

Image courtesy: [ hgtvgardens ]

River plant aquarium by Mathieu Lehanneur

river plant indoor water garden

Image courtesy here: [ inhabitat.com ]

Shane Powers Glass Container Indoor garden

glass container water garden inspiration

Water Lilly In Glass Jar

water Lilly garden indoor

Image source etsy.com

indoor water garden inspiration

Marimo Moss Ball garden in water jar

Marimo moss ball garden ideas

More [ moss ball gardens here ]

Indoor Garden with water

Image source [ here ]

Hyacinth Water Garden

Hyacinth Water Garden ideas

Centro Garden’s Red Beta Vase

Red Beta Vase garden indoor

Image courtesy: [ centrogarden ]

Coloured Vase water garden

Coloured Vase water garden

Source etsy.com

Feng-Shui and Indoor glass jar water garden

Feng-Shui and glass jar garden

Image courtesy: lushome.com

Repurpose Jar water garden inspirations

Repurpose Jar water garden ideas

Repurpose water garden inspiration

Repurpose container water garden inspiration

Repurpose water garden ideas

Complete DIY and image courtesy [ here: ]

DIY water garden ideas

Let us know which inspiration amazed you the most. Doesn’t it give u enough motivation to start making you water garden for decorating your living room.

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