Lets make an orchid terrarium in 5 minutes

Which flower you like the most? If orchid is one of  your favourite flower, then lets make a beautiful orchid terrarium. Terrarium is miniature eco-system in a closed container.

There are many benefits of having an orchid terrarium. It helps you to grow and support your orchids for many years. It gives you absolute control of your small garden environment. Orchid terrarium brightens up your home and makes it easier for you to manage your plants. Here you get 30 exotic flowers to have in your garden, you can choose some awesome flowers from this collection for your terrarium.

orchid terrarium

How to set up Orchid Terrarium?

Making a terrarium is easy and enjoyable hobby for entire family. It is an awesome idea for having your indoor garden and home decoration at same time.

Lets jump into action:

Step 1: Choose your glass container and make sure the glass is clear and large enough to support the orchid. If you are creative enough then choose a mason jar to create your own orchid terrarium.  You can buy decorative containers of various shapes from garden centers or online stores.

Step 2: Place some handful of rocks and pebbles at the bottom of the container. Make sure the container you choose have drainage hole so that it create a right green house inside. Otherwise high humidity will kill your orchid plant.

Step 3: Decorate the container using mosses and ferns. Use small tree barks to fill up the terrarium. Its good to leave half of the container empty because it gives enough space for orchid plant to grow.

Step 4: Plant your orchid inside the container, its good to have orchids with potting soil in its roots. So that it will get adjusted to the new environment quickly. If you are planting a new stem, then use good potting soil so that orchids get nutrients for initial growth.


  • Choose a small orchid plant so that space inside the terrarium will be enough for growth.
  • Leave the aerial roots above soil, its absolutely necessary for orchid plant’s health.
  • Choose orchids which grow best in low light condition.

how to make orchid terrarium

Image [ Via: Make an orchid terrarium from howdidyoumakethis.com]

Choose your orchid for terrarium.

There are many species of orchid plants that can be used in an your terrarium. Some of the best and most preferable types of orchid plants for terrariums are:

  • Phalaenopsis or moth orchids
  • Vanda orchid or Singapore orchid
  • Slipper orchids
  • Cattelya orchids

The Phalaenopsis orchids are some of the toughest one that you can keep in a terrarium.  The plant grows quickly and fills the terrarium fast.  An ideal orchid to grow at any light level. They are the most aggressive orchid plants you can consider.

Tiny Phalaenopsis Orchid Terrarium:

Tiny Phalaenopsis Orchid Terrarium

Slipper Orchid Terrarium in Repurposed Vase:

Slipper Orchid Terrarium in Repurposed Vase

Miniature Lady Slipper Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass

Slipper Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass

The Miniature Orchid Terrarium

A miniature orchid Terrarium is most suitable for miniature orchids. These small orchids may not survive in large terrariums.  It can adjust to different light condition and  tiny environment. Miniature orchid terrarium is an ideal centerpiece to decorate your study table. This will bring nature inside your home.

Slipper Orchid Miniature Terrarium

Slipper Orchid Terrarium

Cattleya Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass:

Cattleya Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass

Cattleya Orchid Terrarium

Vanda Orchid Terrarium:

Vanda Orchid Terrarium

Orange Vanda Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass:

Orange Vanda Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass

Moth Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass:

Moth Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass

Geometric Orchid Terrarium:

Geometric Orchid Terrarium

White Lady Slipper Orchid Terrarium:

White Lady Slipper Orchid Terrarium

Orange Lady Slipper Orchid Terrarium:

woodland orchid terrarium Woodland Orchid Terrarium with pinecone

What is orchid vivarium?

An orchid vivarium, simply put is an area or region comprising of several terrariums. The vivarium is normally enclosed and used for keeping several orchid plants at a time. A vivarium can be a single tank that can be kept indoors, or a large tank placed outdoors. The vivarium is used for several purposes, for instance, it may have dual entry points. A vivarium is to provide different habitats for different species and geniuses of orchid plants.  Orchids that may not survive certain lighting conditions or environment. These plants are raised and integrated into this environment. Many orchid plants can survive in a vivarium but not all orchid plants can survive in the same terrarium. The orchid vivarium is created using pebbles, soil and leaf litters. They may be more complex in nature than the single orchid terrarium.

Are you looking for for more terrarium options?  30 Succulent terrarium inspiration to try out for indoor small garden and home decoration.

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