23 Creative succulent terrarium inspirations

I was really enticed when I saw a succulent terrarium at one of my friend’s living room, and soon realized that it is an awesome stuff for decorating home. Succulent terrarium is best for those who are really busy with their daily office work, and at the same time would like to do some gardening. Succulents are tough plants, which can live for decades with very less maintenance.

Succulent terrarium or Cactus terrarium is a mini desert eco-system in a glass container.

succulent terrarium image 6

Photo courtesy: etsy.com

This home decor or small garden can easily catch the eye of your visitors. If they love desert life, then they will be really amazed at this small desert eco-system in your living room. An awesome choice for giving creative gift to your loved one.

Now lets jump into action:

Materials Required:

  • Glass container: Choose a glass container which has a big opening, for proper air circulation.
  • Succulents or Cactus plants: Choose plants with good color and texture. If u get some flowering succulents, its the best.
  • Cactus soil mix, sand and gravel.
  • Decorative stuffs.

Succulent Terrarium DIY ( Step by step guide)

Step-1: Choose a glass container, which can be bought from various online garden or home stores like Etsy, West Elm or Terrain. You can find some awesome glass containers from your nearby garden nursery center or aquarium stores. Clean the container using some detergent and dry it properly.
Step-2: Choose succulent plants with attractive color and texture.
Step-3: Fill the glass jar with gravel, make sure it has sufficient holes for water drainage. Then fill it with cactus soil mix. Plant the succulents on this soil.Water it properly
Step-4: Finally add a layer of desert sand and place your decorative stuffs add further beauty.

Best Succulents for terrarium

Now lets see how to choose the right succulents for our terrarium. You will get a good collection of plants from Annie’s Annuals. and some more cactus plants from cacti guide.com 

Some of the plants we recommend are :

  • Voodoo or Sedum spurium – With Amazing texture
  • Sunset Strain – With awesome flowers
  • Chinese Dunce Cap (scientifically known as Orostachys iwarenge) – Multi colour
  • Gymnocalycium alboareolatum – With attractive flowers
  • Rebutia albifloram – with multi colored flowers
  • Cintia knizei – Yellow flowers and thick leaves

I would like to choose plants which is having a good texture, because cactus plants are know for that, and it adds beauty to your terrarium. If you are looking for amazing ideas to hang your terrarium in living room, check out 21 hanging glass terrarium ideas

Here we have 23 creative cactus terrarium photo inspirations:

Apple shaped glass terrarium

apple shape cactus terrarium

Small glass jar terrariumcactus terrarium jar idea

Recycled glass jar terrarium

 recycled jar cactus terrarium idea

Cookie Jar succulent terrarium

succulent terrarium image on cookie jar

Terrarium with Mosses

succulent terrarium with moss

Hanging succulent terrariums

cactus terrarium idea image 10hanging succulent terrarium idea

cactus terrarium hanging idea

Table top cacti terrariums

succulent terrarium table top

cactus terrarium image inspiration succulent terrarium image 4succulent terrarium image inspiration

cactus terrarium idea image 10

cactus terrarium idea image 1

succulent terrarium image idea 11

cactus terrarium photo inspiration

Wall Mount glass jar terrarium

cactus terrarium idea image 8

Succulent terrarium with lamp

cactus terrarium idea with lamp Tiny succulent terrarium

DIY for cactus terrarium from bloggers:

Lets glance through some of bloggers who has very well executed the complete do it yourselfs for this small garden.

 1.Succulent garden bowl by Michael

succulent terrarium by micheal

If you are looking for  a DIY to make succulent terrarium Inspired by Charm Blog, Micheal explains it in-depth.

2.Desktop Terrarium by Brittany

succulent terrarium by Brittany

Image courtesy and complete diy here: prettyhandygirl.com

3. Succulent terrarium by Danielle

cactus terrarium Danielle

Image courtesy  and for complete DIY for this garden: makingitwithdanielle.com

4. Bright up my day with terrarium by Vanessa

cactus terrarium inspiration by vanes

Here is another DIY for cactus garden from Vanessa Lovethiscrazylife.com

Tips for cactus terrarium care

Succulents are for lazy people, they require very less maintenance and it will live for decades. But less maintenance doesn’t mean that you can ignore it completely. It needs your care and love.

Here I have listed some of the tips for proper caring of your cactus terrariums:

  • Soil: These plants doesn’t like too much water, meaning they get swamped in water if you don’t use right soil for terrarium. Make sure terrarium has drainage holes and wide openings so that excess water evaporates away. These plants have good root system; so quantity of soil is also important.
  • Sunlight: These are sun lovers; place them near windowsill to get enough sunlight or provide artificial light to stimulate its growth.
  • Air circulation: If you choose a small container and opening is too narrow, it will lead to humidity inside the glass chamber which leads to the death of your cacti.
  • Water: These plants can store water for long time. So we need to provide water only once in a month.
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