25 unique planters to show off your creativity

Spring season is approaching and lets do small gardening using these unique planter ideas. Here we have collected 25 absolutely unique planters to show off your creativity. These ideas can be tried for both indoor and outdoor gardening.Here you will get a collection of creative unique planter inspirations from our small garden pinterest board- Unique planters. Follow us if you enjoyed our board.

Save money by choosing these recycled or repurposed planters to start your spring garden. These do it yourself (DIY) ideas will make your neighbours and friends marvel at your creativity. Choose your favourite plants for this creative garden. We recommend plants with colourful flowers or succulents.

1.Bra Planter

Though this pink bra is for breast cancer awareness, its an awesome idea to use it as planter. Pick some plants with bright coloured flowers that will add extra beauty to your small garden.

bra planter

2.Book planter

Have you ever thought even a book can be used as a planter for your small garden??? This idea is sure to attract anybody who visits your home!!!

book planter

[Image via : DIY Ready and complete DIY guide for making a book planter. ]

3. Boot planter

Ever wondered what to do with an old pair of boots??? Here is the answer… In the inspiration shown below, old boots are painted with attractive colours and flowering plants are planted in them. What a beauty!!!

boot planter

4. Chandelier planter

Here an old chandelier is painted with bright red to catch attention and plants are planted on them. This is an excellent idea as a hanging planter for your small garden.

Chandlier planter

5. Dressing table planter

Now, this one is truly unique. A dressing table is converted into a planter. The mirror and lamp placed on it adds extra beauty to this.

dressing table planter

6. Ice cream cone planter

Another unique idea for a hanging planter. However trying this out requires great amount of patience and should be done with utmost care.

ice cream cone planter

Image [Via : hello glow : DIY hanging planter using ice cream come ]

7. Old bed planter

If you are having a small garden outdoors, then this could just suit you. All you need is an old unused bed. An eye catcher for any garden!!!

Old bed planter

8. Ladies shoe planter

This unique planter idea gives a feminine touch to your garden. The pink colour makes it even more attractive.

Ladies shoe planter

9.Bird cage planter

This is an excellent planter for succulents. Try planting different varieties and see the difference.

Bird cage planter

10. Cut bottle planter

In the idea shown below, used plastic bottles are cut into half and used as planter. An ideal and economical choice for a pallet herb garden.

bottle planter

[ Image via : DIY vertical garden ideas by milkwood ]

11. Slipper planter

Creativity at its best. Who would have thought about this awesome idea?? The contrasting colours of flowers makes it even more beautiful.

Slipper planter

12. Garbage can planter

This is an excellent DIY for any gardening enthusiast.

garbage can planter

[ Image via: The lillypadCottage : The garbage can flower planter DIY ]

13. Old jeans planter

For gardening enthusiasts who wants to tread an unusual path, this idea is a must to try. Try planting plants with bright coloured flowers and  marvel at your creativity.

jeans planter

Image [ Via: Recycling jeans into cute planter : wonderfuldiy]

14. Repurposed tyre planter

Never thought an old used tyre will look so beautiful, that too in a garden!!! A wonderful idea to try for your outdoor garden.

Old tyre planter

[ Image and Complete DIY here ]

15. Old bicycle planter

Here an old bicycle is beautifully converted into a garden centrepiece.

Old Bicycle planter

16. Old Kettle planter

The antique look of kettle serves well for it as a planter. The bright yellow coloured flowers makes it very attractive to the eyes.

Kettle planter

17.Old bath tub planter

Even an old bathtub can be an asset to your garden, as depicted in the inspiration below.

Old tub planter

18. Pumpkin planter

How about a natural planter for your garden??? These pumpkin planters are one of a kind.

pumpkin planter

[Image via Blissfully domestic ]

19. Purse planter

The left over purse of yours can be an asset for your garden, as shown in the picture below. You can hang it on the fence and show off your creativity.

purse planter

20. Tea cup planter

This is an excellent idea for planting herbs or small flowering plants for your small garden.

Tea cup planter

21. Toilet planter

Have this thought ever crossed your mind?? A toilet, that too in a garden!!!

Toilet planter

22. Repurposed chair planter

Here, an unused chair is beautifully integrated into the garden. The colourful flowers makes this very attractive.

repurposed chair planter

23. Crocs planter

Now this one is truly unique.  How about crocs as flower pots for your garden?? Isn’t it a good idea???

Crocs planter

24. Magazine rack planter

In the inspiration below, a magazine rack is repurposed into a planter.

magazine rack planter

25. Old piano planter

An old piano reused as a planter!!! What an idea!!!

Old piano table planter

Let us know which unique planter idea inspired you the most. These are very economical and any one can try it out at home.

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