9 Unique urban gardening ideas (Infographics)

Looking for urban gardening ideas for converting your home into a beautiful small garden?

Then let me walk you through 9 unique small gardening ideas. that you can put in place without much effort, time and money. A step by step guide with an infographics.

small urban gardening ideas infographics

Here in this article you will get info about the unique spaces inside every house.  You can convert into small garden. Lack of space should not be a bottleneck for pursuing your gardening hobby. Lets think out of box.

Make use of space we have and convert that into beautiful small garden spaces. Lets make use these urban gardening tips to do it right way.

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Lets take a deep dive into each one:

1. Wall garden:

Green wall garden is an awesome decor for your living room. Arrange a modular pocket on the wall and then plant herbs or flowering plants. The wall garden, shown below, is living wall garden. Vertical planter can save lot of space. If the wall color can add contrast with your garden, it has become a decor in your living room. Light colored wall with garden can always entice your neighbors.
wall urban gardening ideasImage courtesy: [ wooly pocket ]

Wall garden will make your wall look green and it adds life to your wall. This can be done by fixing living wall planter on the wall. These wall planters are flexible, breathable and modular containers. It can be fixed on the wall. This will make sure your wall won’t get dirty while watering your plants. You can get these planters from various online stores like woolypocket.com, flowall.com etc.

florafelt vertical wall pouch garden

Image courtesy: Flora felt vertical garden planter . This vertical garden planter from flora felt is of high quality, modular breathable pockets. You can water these plants, extra water will drip to the planter below. The front side will remain dry and drip free, roots are breathable.

If you would like to know more about Florafelt vertical wall planter. Read the complete vertical wall garden guide here:


2. Ceiling garden

Ceiling, is an convertible space for small garden.  Because converting those spaces are not going to cause you any space limitation. It just adds decoration to your room. Fix it in your living room or in your bedroom. You just have to fix some clamps on the ceiling and then hang your planters. Japanese moss ball garden is an awesome choice for ceiling garden. And if you are creative enough to make a glass terrarium, then hang it from your ceiling.

ceiling urban gardening ideas

3. Window box garden

I would say this is the best place to have a small garden because, what plants love the most is sunlight, an essential component for photosynthesis. This is known as window box gardening. It adds decoration to your house when you look from outside. Make sure you plant some flowering plants so that it adds contrast with your outdoor wall color. Mix and match plants in your window box so that they grow in different heights. If you can find some vines or plants with long foliage, choose them for your window box garden.

window urban gardening ideas

Source: [ via DIY Window Boxes: Build It Yourself for a Perfect Fit ] Photo by: Liesa Johannssen.

4. Corner garden

Corners, totally unused space, can be converted into small garden. It not only utilizes your unused space, but also decorates your room. Find some really decorative containers to plant your garden on the corner. The container you choose is going to be a decor for your room as well.

corner urban gardening ideas

Source  [ via Design Milk  ]

5. Stair garden

Stairs, of course you cannot fill up your entire staircase with your garden, but you can be very innovative. Place pots of plants on the ends of each stair.Be creative by hanging small pots on your staircase rails. Choose some decorative containers and then plant succulents to give a tough look or plants some vines to decorate the stairs. Vines can hang and they can fall over their vessels and down a wall.
stair urban gardening ideas

Photo [via Julia Robbes]

6. Balcony garden

Balcony, best place to have an awesome small garden. It has lots of benefits like you are going to wake up every day seeing your garden in your balcony.
balcony urban small gardening

Source [Via : Urban Gardener: A Greenhouse for Your Balcony by Michelle Slatalla  from Gardenista]

Isn’t that awesome? It helps to boost your positive energy. I am sure your days are going to be awesome, you will excel in your work or studies, when wake up with positive energy. Create a vertical structure on your balcony wall, or make use of your balcony corner space. You can also hang pots with flowering plants from the roof of balcony or from the railing of your balcony.

7. Corridor garden

You are really lucky if your house is having a corridor. Lets convert this space into a small garden. Here we just have to make sure, you are not blocking the walkway.
corridor urban small gardening ideas

Arrange a wooden or metallic frame or planter and attach to the corridor parapet or wall.Very simple way is placing plants in pots.

8. Terrace garden

Everyone will not have the luxury of having a terrace of their own if they are living in a high rise apartment. If you are among the lucky ones having a terrace, that is the best place to convert into garden. There you are not limited by space unless you are sharing terrace with some somebody else.You can have lots of ideas, which can be easily implemented.Very common one is just arrange planting  pots with herbs or flowering plants. Have a vertical structure attached to the parapet of your terrace, place your potted plants and arrange a seating mechanism for relaxing as shown in the picture below.

terrace urban small gardening

Source [ via: indulgy.com ]

9.Patio garden

Be creative  and lets make your patio into a heaven of flowers and plants. You can grow tall plants here which will give you shade in your patio. Arrange chairs in this small garden so that you can sip your evening tea sitting here. Indulge in nature and relax in your patio garden with family.
patio urban gardening ideas


How to start making your first small garden?? Follow these steps.

1. Decide the location.

First of all, choose the space inside your home that you want to convert into small garden. Be it on your window, patio or balcony. Have a consensus from your family members also before finalizing the location.

2. Decide your budget

Before jumping into buying infrastructure and plants, first have an idea of how much you want to spend to pursue this hobby. Be wise in these matters. I would suggest a humble start, for long term benefits.

3. Infrastructure for building and maintaining.

Lets have a look at some of the basic and most important equipments required for building and maintaining your garden.
• Pots or planters or window boxes for your container gardening.
• Bottle to store water and sprayer for watering plants.
• Good quality potting soil.

4. Select plants.

Next step is to find the right set of plants based on your interest and how much money you want to invest in this hobby, because some of the plants are really expensive.

Decide whether you want to buy plants which flower everyday, or those flower occasionally or do you want to buy some herbs or succulents?.

There are some plants with benefits; some helps to repel insects whereas some helps to maintain the freshness of air.

5. Lets start.

Once you are done with selection of plants, next step is to start making your small garden. Arrange frames or vertical pallets, or place your window pots and start planting those plants or herbs you bought.

6. Maintain the garden.

Next step is maintaining your small garden. This is the most important thing since regular watering and maintenance is required for a good garden.

Gardening as a hobby will make you more determined and disciplined. If you are not disciplined and don’t water the plants regularly they are going to die in front of you.


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